Transforming Manufacturing Execution with MES


A leading heat treatment equipment manufacturer


  • The overall level of informatization in the industry is relatively lagging.
  • Foreign MES systems of the same type have long implementation periods, high prices, and do not accept customization.
  • Production planning relies on manually compiled paper scheduling, resulting in chaotic scheduling and uncertain delivery times.
  • Traditional configuration software has single functions and cannot meet the requirements of lean production.

🎯Pain Point

The heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry faces the problem of lagging information construction and low production efficiency. There is an urgent need for a manufacturing execution system that can improve the level of automated production scheduling, optimize production processes, and support dynamic expansion to meet future needs.

⏳Construction Period

Two developers, two months

✅Customer Gains

  • Equipment and process models support dynamic expansion, allowing for function upgrades without downtime.
  • Visualization of scheduling and advanced automatic scheduling improve efficiency several times over.
  • Real-time synchronization of production status, traceability of the production process, and immediate push of events.
  • Gradually realizing the vision of a future cloud factory.

⚒️ Leveraged Platform Feature

  • Used platform’s dynamic template attribute mechanism to compile dynamic UI based modeling for different product, craftsmanship, equipment etc.
  • Used system’s ability to define custom execution hook and schedule task(daemon process) to integrate with Opc-Ua for the control of equipment and equipment status monitoring.
  • Leverage platform’s dynamic plugin mechanism to define stable business logics as Java service and support to conduct development within traditional  JetBrains IDEA for better productivity and better developer experience.

🎈 Screenshots

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