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THE challenges we build Infinite COde to resolve

Are you facing these challenges

🐌 IT systems struggle to quickly adapt to business growth

🐢 Traditional development is slow with excessive, low-value DevOps work.

😓 No-code lacks the power to meet real enterprise-grade requirements.

🔐 SaaS has Privacy and Security Issues

💰 Facing Rising Labor Expenses

🐢 Surfing Operational Inefficiencies

How we address those challenges Infinite Code
System Design Principle.

🛢️ Everything Treated as Real Data

Java code, groovy code, form definitions, action definitions, integrations, RFC API … everything should be treated as data, to reduce all unnecessary IT operation costs.

🤞 Best Practices Built-In by Design

Implementing best practices in enterprise development through system design ensures scalability, maintainability, and high performance.

🌱 Seed Data Bootstraps Your System

Business system should be built entirely based on a set of data. no other BOMs.

Why Infinite CODE can HELP Infinite Code Focuses on Solving the Hardest Parts.

Different logic engine to leverage LLM, Groovy or OS command

LOGIC system

Custom Logic Engine

Enhance automation with a versatile logic engine supporting AI, Groovy scripting, and system commands.

  • LLM AI-Powered Logic Engine
  • Groovy Scripting Logic Engine
  • OS Command Logic Engine

Modeling is fundenmental

Dynamic Business Modeling Support

  • Complete the whole end to end development on Web UI
  • Adjust domain definition on Web UI and see the changes immediately
  • Adapt to the changes of business requirements quickly
Business Modeling for Order Object On UI
Define, upload and coding infinite code dynamic plugin

Extensibility matters

Dynamic Plugin Support

Supports dynamic plugin integration for seamless addition of custom functionalities and third-party services, leverage your existing codebases assets seamlessly.

  • Integrate your existing codebase with quickly
  • On the fly plugin updates without downtime and redeploys
  • Per tenant class loader and plugin isolation

FORM system

Meta Data Driven Form System

Streamlines data handling with interactive forms supporting CRUD operations, wizard interfaces and advanced forms and fields

  • Auto Generated CRUD Forms
  • Dashboards and Multiple Step Wizards
  • Gantt Charts, Trees, Master Detail Views …
Define Create, Update and List forms
Different type of form field hook to support customize form behavior

System: Data + ACTION

Form Field Hooks

Enables dynamic field interactions with features like cascading drop-downs, preset defaults, and conditional visibility.

  • Field Cascading(eg, Country -> Province -> City)
  • Field Default Values / Field Validation / Field Rendering
  • Conditional Visibility / Conditional Options Rendering

EVERY PIECE of DATA’s entire life

Object Lifecycle Hooks

Manages object lifecycles effectively with comprehensive CRUD operations, robust access control, and seamless search capabilities.

  • CRUD Operation Hooks
  • Runtime Dynamic Access Control
  • Custom Object / Attachment Render
  • Custom Search / Inline Search logic
Define an Object hook to send email after status change
Define a Shipping Action for order on UI

System: Data + ACTION

Flexible Dynamic Action

Dynamic Actions Module allows for the customization of object actions and intricate workflows, enhancing both user experience and operational efficiency.

  • Powerful parameterized action definition.
  • URL redirect / file download support
  • Async / Multiple Round Action Support

Task support

Powerful Schedule Task

Offers comprehensive task management with flexible scheduling options including system boot and crontab-based tasks.

  • Hook in Custom Task into System Boot
  • Create Onetime Task on the Fly
  • Easily Setup Crontab based Task
Properties of a Schedule Task, powerful and flexible
Define Http Incoming, Outgoing API or RFC based Service Provider

talk with other system

Multi-method System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, allowing for both incoming and outgoing data interactions.

  • Auto Generated Data Manipulate API
  • Dynamic Http Integrations Points hook into object lifecycle
  • JVM/Http Based RFC with service discover / rate limit support

Object extensible

Extensible Object Plugins

Easily extend build in object with commonly used features

  • Object Trash Bin with Efficient Recovery / Safe Deletion / Restore Mechanism support
  • Object Commenting with Discussion Threads / Comment Management / Resolution Tracking support
  • Field Revision with Revision History / Content Comparison/ Revert Options support
Revision list of Dynamic Logic Object, revert and compare with latest version

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What is Low-Code Development?

Low-code development simplifies software creation by minimizing the need for detailed coding. It allows developers and even non-technical users to build applications using visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features.

What Types of Projects is Your Platform Best Suited For?

Our platform is versatile and ideal for a diverse range of applications. It’s perfect for

  1. Delivering IT projects and solutions to customers, especially suitable for freelancers who need to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.
  2. Additionally, it’s well-suited for developing all kinds of internal management tools, making it a flexible choice for a variety of project needs.
Can I Integrate Existing Systems with Your Platform?

Absolutely. Our platform supports various integrations, including Http API and RPC remote function call, allowing you to connect with existing systems and data sources seamlessly.

How Quick is the Deployment Process?

Our service offers a comprehensive analysis of your business needs, focusing on custom solution mapping, efficiency and process optimization, scalability and integration analysis, and security and compliance assurance. For just $2.56, you get expert insights to tailor our low code solutions to your enterprise’s unique challenges.

How Does Your Platform Ensure a 90% Faster Deployment?

By reducing the need for repetitive coding and leveraging AI, our platform speeds up the development process significantly, ensuring a 90% faster deployment compared to traditional methods.

What Makes Your Platform AI-Native?

Our platform not only integrates advanced AI technologies like LLM (Large Language Models) for its own operation but also ensures that the systems built by our customers inherently possess native AI capabilities. This feature allows for the creation of intelligent, responsive applications that can benefit from AI-driven insights, automation, and enhanced user experiences.

How Do You Handle Data Security and Privacy?

Data security and privacy are our top priorities. We employ robust security measures to protect your data at all times.

What are the Cost Benefits of Using the Platform?

You save on development time and resources, reducing overall project costs. Additionally, our platform’s flexibility allows you to adapt to new and changing requirements more quickly, ensuring your project stays responsive and up-to-date with minimal effort.

How Scalable is the Platform for Growing Businesses?

Our platform is designed to scale alongside your business. It can handle increased usage and more complex projects as your needs evolve.

What are the Limitations of the platform?

While our platform is highly versatile, extremely niche or specialized requirements might need additional customization or might not be fully supported, for example,

  • 2C app or website might not what our best at this time.
  • Also if you are not an software guy or don’t have such a team, our platform might not suitable
Can I See Examples of Projects Built Using Your Platform?

Certainly! We have a range of case studies and examples we can share to demonstrate the diverse applications of our platform.

Click here for our success stories

I have another question

For any additional inquiries, contact us via our community or Twitter or drop us a Email. Our team is ready to assist you.

What Does the (Almost) Free Consultant Service Include?

Our service offers a comprehensive analysis of your business needs, focusing on custom solution mapping, efficiency and process optimization, scalability and integration analysis, and security and compliance assurance.

For just $2.56, you get expert insights to tailor our low code solutions to your enterprise’s unique challenges.

Why is the Service Priced at $2.56 When It’s Valued at $2560?

We offer this service at a significantly reduced price to demonstrate the potential of our low code platform in transforming your business operations. This nominal fee is our commitment to making advanced technology accessible to enterprises of all sizes, ensuring you can experience the high value of our expertise with minimal initial investment.

How Can This Service Benefit My Business?

By investing a nominal amount of $2.56, you gain access to specialized consultancy that identifies key areas for improvement in your business processes. Our experts will help you understand how to leverage low code solutions for streamlined operations, enhanced security, and scalable growth, setting a solid foundation for your enterprise’s future success.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! You can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. Reach out by email for further details.

Do You Offer Any Training or Support for New Users?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training materials and customer support to help new users get started and make the most out of our platform.

What Types of Maintenance and Updates Are When Purchase the Platform ?

We provide regular updates for improved features and security, along with ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal platform performance.

I have another question

For any additional inquiries, contact us via our community or Twitter or drop us a Email. Our team is ready to assist you.

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