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Key Features of Version 0.28 of LCDP.ai Low-Code Development Platform

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Key Features of Version 0.28 of LCDP.ai Low-Code Development Platform

Explore the key features and enhancements introduced in Version 0.28 of the LCDP.ai low-code development platform.

Discover the exciting key features and enhancements that have been introduced in Version 0.28 of the LCDP.ai low-code development platform:

  • Dynamic Domain Model Definition: Define domain models and conduct development tasks through the web interface.
  • Dynamic Plugin Mechanism: Import existing code, services, etc., as plugin packages for customization.
  • Customization Code Capabilities: Support for function library capabilities in customization code.
  • JVM/HTTP-based Remote Function Call (RFC): Automatic service discovery with RFC functionality.
  • Zip Seed Data Package Import: Import seed data and customizations as a zip package on the web interface.
  • Vertical Multi-Step Form Layouts: Support for wizard vertical layouts for multi-step forms.
  • Automatic Refresh of Dynamic Logic: Dynamic logic automatically refreshes during development.

Video Demos – End to End Development on Web UI

Below is a brief video that showcases the capabilities of our Low-Code Development Platform by demonstrating the creation of a simple order management process with follow features

  • Define an order domain with common fields like number, name, total and state
  • Define create order form, list order form and corresponding form fields for the new domain
  • Define an action called Send Order for order object
  • Define an object update hook to send email notification to user upon order state update

Our platform’s high level of abstraction allows for rapid business development.

Muyan LCDP Product Order Management System in 10 Minutes

Import All Data in a Zip File with overwrite option

Learn about the support for importing all data in a zip file through this informative video:

Upload Seed Data Package in LCDP.ai low code development platform

Dynamic Plugin Support in Version 0.28:

  • The dynamic plugin support in this version addresses the reusability of existing code assets when migrating from traditional development modes to low-code environments.
  • It introduces services with high-performance and persistent connection characteristics, catering to low-code scenarios.
  • For developers who are more accustomed to developing in IDEs rather than web interfaces, this feature provides another option for seamless integration and development.
Dynamic plugin support to merge your existing code base to our low code development platform

Register on our community at our community and connect with us there for more information and discussions about Version 0.28 development, and LCDP.ai low code development platform.

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